Newton Additional Services

The independent ECP runs a medical practice like none other. Beyond the primary focus on patient care, there is also a major retail component to manage along with all of the other administrative duties facing all small business owners as well as the increasingly complex insurance, regulatory and technology challenges. The end result is an unrealistic demand on the doctor’s time, something we completely understand as an optometrist owned and managed business. We take pride in our ability to understand the needs of the independent ECP and how to provide the best resources specifically designed for this unique industry. 

In the spring of 2010, Newton embarked on an initiative aimed at spurring awareness of the top line growth and cost reduction opportunities for the independent eye care practitioner. Seizing these opportunities will significantly improve the ability of independents to remain competitive in the ever-consolidating and vertically integrating industry in which they operate.

Building off of our foundation of purchasing power, distribution and convenient centralized billing that has earned us a reputation as an industry leader over our 30 year history, we aim to provide you the tools to not only to compete, but to thrive. We have put together a series of programs designed to assist you in the management of your practice while still allowing you to maintain complete control so you can spend more time in the exam room and be provided the information you need to realize cost savings opportunities, improve service to your patients, and grow your top line.

Please email or call 1-800-232-5729 to arrange for a
Management Services consultant to discuss how we can assist you in the management of your practice.